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Guidelines for the Issuance of New Tanzanian Passports

General Remarks:
Following the introduction of new machine-readable passports, the Government also changed regulations and application procedures for the new passports. Main changes that affect Tanzanians abroad are:
  • New passports are issued in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar only. Diplomatic Missions process applications and send them to Dar es Salaam for further action
  • There are no provisions for endorsing children's names in parents' passports. Therefore every Tanzanian who needs a passport will get one, regardless of age.
  • Fees are levied separately for application forms and for passports.
  • A Diplomatic Mission official must witness the applicant's signature on the application form and take the applicant's fingerprints.

General Procedure:
  1. Applicants should call the Tanzania High Commission in Ottawa, in order to schedule a fingerprint/signature appointment, that is to take place at the mission. Please note that the appointments are presented as half-hour slots, between Monday and Thursday, starting at 10:30 am, and ending at 1 pm. Until further notice, there are no appointments scheduled for Fridays.
  2. Applicants should download the SAMPLE form of the Tanzanian new passport application form. Please note that this is just a sample. The actual form itself will be purchased by the applicant upon arrival for the appointment. Please make sure that the sample form has been completely filled out before the appointment, so as to ensure a much smoother process.
  3. Along with the actual application form that will be filled out right before the scheduled appointment, the following items are also to be presented:
    • The applicantís current Tanzanian passport (the only passports that will be accepted for the process of applying for a new one, are the machine-readable ones that were issued as of 2005), as well as a photocopy of the information page at the back of the passport.
    • A document showing the applicantís current and valid status in Canada, such as a Permanent Residence Card, a Student Visa, a Work Permit, a Visitorís Visa (for residents of Canada), etc, as well as a photocopy of the document. If the item is a PR Card, please make sure that both sides of the card are photocopied. If the applicant does not possess any of these items, or they have already expired, a disclaimer letter from Canada Immigration will be required as proof that Canadian citizenship has not been acquired.
    • For first-time applicants, the mission will require original documents, as well as photocopies of the birth certificates, or sworn affidavits of birth of both the applicant and one of the parents. The applicant must also present the parentís Tanzanian passport, as well as a photocopy of the information page. If the parent acquired Tanzanian citizenship by naturalization, the mission will require a copy of the relevant certificate.
    • Five (5) identical passport photographs, 4 x 4Ĺ cm, with a sky-blue background. Please note that if the background colour appears to be white or grey, the photographs will not be accepted.
  4. There will be a fee of $20 Cdn (either money-order, draft, debit, or credit) for the purchase of the application form. Assuming the applications have been accepted by the mission, at the conclusion of the appointment, there will be two options for the payment of the administrative fee. One option is for the applicant to pay $80 Cdn to the mission, whereby it will send the package to Immigration Tanzania. The other option is for the mission to prepare the package for the applicant, who will then send it to a contact person in Tanzania. That contact person will then submit the package at Immigration Tanzania, in Dar es Salaam, and they will pay the administrative fee of $50 US at that end. The applicant does not have the option to directly send the package to Immigration Tanzania themselves.
  5. The Mission will forward the applications to Dar es Salaam where passports will be issued and sent to the Mission. Thereafter, applicants will be notified and arrangements made to deliver the new passports to respective bearers and invalidate the current ones.

Specific Instructions:
  1. Please fill in the forms correctly and fully, and comply with all the details as indicated in items 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Particular attention should be paid to the following:
    • Fill in all three names of applicant: surname, first name and middle name.
    • Fill in fully the date, month and year of birth of applicant (item 1) and of the parents (item 2). These are essential requirements.
  2. Do not write, put or affix anything in the four boxes in the top half of the front page.